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When an emergency strikes, help is one click away

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The Solution for Front Line Safety

As many schools and commercial companies across the country look to support safety and prepare for mandates requiring panic buttons, IoT (Internet of Things) buttons provide a safety solution that is affordable, easy to deploy, and scalable to any school district or organization's needs. Safety OneClick is an easy-to-use, physical wireless panic button system, extending your safety plan to any location by letting individuals in distress sound the alarm, getting them help at the click of a button.
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2021 NDEM Featured Product Showcase Winner

Crisis Go's Safety OneClick was awarded this honor after over 3,000 professionals including emergency management, business continuity professionals, and safety leaders voted at NDEM’S Inaugural Expo.

Simple Setup

IoT buttons and LoRaWAN gateways are set up, tested, and rolled out to your whole organization in minutes — ensuring your IoT equipment setup is a streamlined and straightforward process. IoT safety solutions create viable options, quickly implemented at a lower cost than competing solutions.

safety oneclick setup

Easy to Install

Easy to Use

How It Works

With the click of a button, you trigger an emergency alert in CrisisGo, automatically notifying the proper response personnel and, if the situation warrants, first responders - such as defined by Alyssa’s Law.

How it Works

Maximize Reliability and Performance

Safety OneClick utilizes LoRaWAN technology to maintain a reliable connection so that your system is always emergency-ready. Instead of relying on wifi for your wireless buttons, which can drain the panic button's battery life and slow down your network, this easy-to-implement system:

  • Allows schools to maintain a reliable wireless connection through signal strength, penetration, and range.
  • Runs on AWS to offer the best service with an incredibly fast hosting platform, protecting their security.
  • Uses AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN to securely connect wireless panic buttons.
  • Advanced device monitoring system combined with AWS' superior scalability and dependable uptime.
  • Ensures system reliability when your organization needs it most.
calchip connect
The Cal-Chip Connect smart devices and CrisisGo Emergency Communication integration provides an efficient, effective, and affordable safety solution. CalChip Connect is an IoT distributor and value-added service provider specializing in LoRa® technology. For more than 40 years, the Cal-Chip team has been perfecting the art of warehousing and distribution of thousands of products, bringing scalability and value add to the industry. The CalChip Connect seasoned leadership team in the IoT Market brings a solid knowledge base and passion for supporting users worldwide and connecting them with the highest performing devices available on the market today.

Why Safety OneClick

Easy to Use

In a stressful crisis or life-threatening emergency, you want to make sure your staff can quickly and easily alert your organization of danger. Safety OneClick IoT buttons are easy to press, and the response is immediate, making it a reliable option when motor skills are impaired during the heat of an emergency.

Quick Rollout

Setup for Safety OneClick is fast and easy. You can have your entire facility connected and your IoT buttons and configure in a matter of minutes. The simplicity of the rollout, the ease of use, and the minimal maintenance required mean you won't have to take extensive time and resources to train staff.

Affordable Solution

The cost of retrofitting your buildings and classrooms with hardwired panic buttons is expensive. IoT devices provide a quickly implemented, affordable, and effective solution, equipping your entire district with technology to potentially save lives.

Reliable Service

Many staff help buttons rely on wifi, which can bog down your network, experience connectivity issues, and drain the help buttons batteries. Safety OneClick utilizes LoRaWAN instead of wifi, resulting in a fast and reliable network that doesn't create bandwidth competition and maintenance issues.

Protect Staff & Students

Ensure any classroom, lab, or place of instruction have access to a fast and reliable call for help. When a crisis occurs, staff can swiftly alert your safety team for immediate response.

Entry Management

Keeping the entrance points to our schools and organizations safe is critical for safety. With Safety OneClick, you can easily install IoT help buttons under the front office desk or any entry point to grant easy and discreet access to help buttons when needed.

Safety Hotspots

Every school building has safety hotspots: areas where safety incidents and risks are most likely to occur or have a pattern of occurring. Safety OneClick offers an easy solution for establishing help buttons in risky areas.

Grant Funding Opportunities

Safety OneClick is eligible for American Rescue Plan Act (ARAP) funding via Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER III). Use this funding for various measures to prepare your school for physical reopening.
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